If a Mike Tyson Biopic Ever Gets the Green Light, Jamie Foxx Wants to Star in It (Video)

Jamie Foxx is still very interested in starring in a Mike Tyson biopic if and when it ever gets made.

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Jamie Foxx really wants to star in a biopic about Mike Tyson one day. We know this because a quick Google search reveals that he has talked about doing it many, many, many times in the past. It's just never come to fruition.

However, if it ever does, Foxx is still interested. He appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael recently and said, once again, that he's open to the idea of playing Iron Mike in a movie. All he needs to know is when and where to show up for filming and he's there.

Watch him talk about it—and do a pretty solid Tyson impression—in the clip above. Sooner or later, something tells us this biopic will get made. And we're guessing Foxx will still be down to do it.

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