Mario Balotelli Takes Selfies With Blue Contacts in His Eyes and the Internet Freaks Out

Ol' Balotelli Blue Eyes?

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Yesterday was the late Frank Sinatra's birthday. So in honor of Sinatra—aka "Ol' Blue Eyes"Mario Balotelli just threw some blue contacts into his eyes and took a bunch of selfies.

Errrr…okay. So maybe that's not why he did it. But regardless of the reason, Balotelli now has blue eyes, and he tweeted out a bunch of his selfies earlier today to show them off:

What do u think? Ahahah
Io e @sportmanmc torniamo a casa dopo l allenamento pomeridiano a milanello kk

They look…really blue. And obviously, people are freaking out because, well, it's Mario Balotelli. And whenever he does something outrageous, he gets a great response. Just check out some of the tweets that people have sent out about Super Mario's blue eyes:

Balotelli need to stop that shit. First blonde hair now blue eyes??
Lmao at mario balotelli's selfies #blueeyes
How the fuck does Mario Balotelli have blue eyes?
Balotelli. Blue eyes black dragon.
LOL can't handle balotelli's blue contacts right now

Those are all great. But this one is definitely our favorite:


Lolz. Kill 'em! RIP to Balotelli's mentions.

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[via Finally Mario]

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