Louisville's Kevin Ware Posed With the Trophy That His Team Won Last Night in His Hospital Bed

It's good to see this.

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If you haven't seen the horrific injury that Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered during the first half of the Louisville/Duke game last night, do yourself a favor and avoid seeing it at all costs. The word "horrific" doesn't even begin to describe it. But, there is some good news to report on Ware.

First, Ware had successful surgery on the right leg that he broke last night. Second, doctors don't believe Ware's injury is career-threatening and, after a long rehab process, he should be able to play basketball at a high level again. And, third, Ware didn't miss out on hoisting the trophy that Louisville won by beating Duke. Several of his teammates and coaches took the trophy to him last night and he posed with it in his hospital bed. Check out the thumbs gallery to see a photo of him holding it.

It's going to be awhile until we see Ware on the court again. But, it's nice to see him holding the trophy here. If that's the lasting image that we have of him, it's a good one to have.

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[via USA Today]

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