LeBron James Is the Worst Shooter in the NBA So Far This Season

Worse than Kobe?! Worse than Kobe.

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Kobe Bryant has caught a lot of flack for shooting like crap so far this season. He has been playing much better than he did earlier this year as of late, but his shooting has been described as “historically awful” at times. But believe it or not, he’s not the worst shooter in the league this season. That distinction belongs to none other than…LeBron James?!

That’s right. It’s actually pretty hard to believe this but, during last night’s Cavaliers/Suns game, NBA.com advanced stats writer John Schuhmann tweeted out a chart of the worst high-volume shooters from outside the paint this season. As you’d guess, Kobe is high on the list, but he’s actually been better this season than LeBron, who is shooting just 28.5 percent from outside the paint. Here’s the full chart:

Hm. Has LeBron really been that ba...oh, wait:

Ugh. OK, we believe it now.

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