Everything You Ever Suspected About Lacrosse Bros and Wall Street Is True


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Do you want to get a job on Wall Street? Then you better be good at lacrosse.

What's the connection? Well, according to a new Bloomberg piece, a number of lacrosse programs at schools like the University of Virginia, Duke University, and Princeton University essentially serve as pipelines that carry lacrosse players directly to Wall Street after they graduate. And it doesn't appear to be a secret that that's the way it works. For instance, Virginia coach Dom Starsia admits that he shows UVA recruits a spreadsheet of all his connects in the finance world before he even talks about the Cavaliers' storied lacrosse past.

"Banker, equity guy, trader, analyst," he tells Bloomberg, "I don't even know what those jobs are. But I do know it's an impressive list."

It most certainly is. But it definitely makes us look at lacrosse players and Wall Street guys in a new light. You can peep the whole Bloomberg piece over here. Interesting stuff.

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[via Bloomberg]

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