J.R. Smith Is Causing Controversy on Twitter Again for Using a Hashtag That Refers to Jerry Sandusky


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Last August, J.R. Smith made headlines for using the hashtag #nosandusky several times on Twitter. At times, he used it in place of the phrase "no homo" and, at other times, he used it when he was going to be in the presence of children:

Lmao! I love this guy! #nosandusky! RT @gforbz3: Ran into my bro @therealjrsmith at Flight Club jus now. Funny guy I tell u. Lol
My Golf event is today!!! Very excited an cant wait to see the kids! #nosandusky

Either way, his use of the hashtag was seen as both insensitive and, quite frankly, stupid given the fact that a lot of the details surrounding the Jerry Sandusky case had just come out. But, it looks like J.R. didn't learn his lesson after he got put on the hot seat for using the hashtag last year. Because, earlier today, the Knicks guard sent out a tweet about how the Packers D is "gone have to come up big" this weekend against the 49ers. He then received a reply from UCLA freshman basketball player Kyle Anderson asking him to "pause" his statement. And, in his response to Anderson, J.R. once again pulled out the #nosandusky hashtag.

Truu my fault! #nosandusky RT @kyleanderson5: @therealjrsmith ayo D gon have to come up big? Thats a pause somewere fam

Why does J.R. insist on using that hashtag? Outside of the fact that it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it's also clearly offending people, judging by some of the responses he's received to it. So, why not just retire it? Please?

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