JaMarcus Russell Reportedly Just Collected $3 Million From the Raiders


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Hey, Raiders fans, do you need yet another reason to hate JaMarcus Russell? Er, probably not. You've already got plenty of reasons to hate the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. But here's one more.

Oakland reportedly just paid $3 million to their former quarterback. Why? Well, it seems that when they released Russell back in May 2010, he was still owed guaranteed money on his rookie contract. They filed a grievance against him at the time to try and get him to pay back some salary advances that he received from the team. But Russell filed his own grievance against the Raiders and said that they owed him money, so the two sides were scheduled to go to court soon to figure things out. However, rather than do that, the Raiders decided to settle things with Russell themselves—and made him $3 million richer in the process.

How does that feel, Raiders fans? Go ahead and add it to your own list of grievances.

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[via Eye On Football]

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