These Horrible Haircuts Prove It's Been a Rough Week to Be a Freshman on the Kansas State Football Team

Check out some of the worst haircuts that freshmen on the Kansas State football team received this week.

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College football players aren't supposed to take part in any kind of hazing when it comes to their teammates. But try telling that to the five poor souls pictured in the thumbs gallery above.

All five of them are freshmen who are preparing to play in their first season with the Kansas State football team—and all five of them received very, very, very, very, very bad haircuts as a "Welcome to the Wildcats" gift from their new teammates. And we honestly can't pick out the worst one. They are all sooooooo bad.

Click through the gallery to check them all out. The kid with the hair horns in the second photo might be in the lead right now as far as the worst 'cut goes. But which one do you think is the absolute worst of the bunch?

[via Uproxx]

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