Bernard Hopkins Doesn't Like the Idea of Donovan McNabb Giving Robert Griffin III Advice

B-Hop gives the former Eagle the crazy side-eye.

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Donovan McNabbgave some advice to Robert Griffin III recently. And that didn't sit well with a lot of people, because McNabb gave it to him through the media. He revealed that he thinks RGIII is doing "too much" and should be focused on rehabbing his ACL rather than doing interviews and making commercials.

One guy who definitely didn't like McNabb's advice was boxer Bernard Hopkins. B-Hop—who has been critical of McNabb in the past—went on the record recently to say that McNabb is not the right guy to be giving RGIII advice. And he did so by crapping all over McNabb's career as an NFL player.

Watch the interview above. B-Hop is the best when it comes to providing these kinds of sound bytes.

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