Gilbert Arenas Offers to Give Blogs $1 Million If They Can Prove He's the Father of Draya Michele's Son

Gilbert Arenas is trying to kill this rumor once and for all.

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Gilbert Arenas is the father of Draya Michele's 11-year-old son Kniko. At least, that's what the Internet would have you believe. For years now, gossip sites have posted about Arenas' connection to Kniko as fact. And as recently as last night, Industry On Blast posted this random write-up about Arenas allegedly paying Draya to keep quiet about his "secret son":

Over the years, Arenas has typically kept quiet with regards to this rumor. But last night, he decided that he was going to challenge Industry On Blast as well as TMZ and Baller Alert to prove the legitimacy of their stories about him, Draya, and Kniko. He responded to the Industry On Blast report by saying that he would donate $1 million to each sites' favorite charity if any of them were able to produce actual evidence that ties him to Draya and Kniko. He has since deleted his Instagram post about it, but you can read what it said here:

g.i.l.b.e.r.t.a.r.e.n.a.s OKAY u have my attention… u go so u dont have to waste time on this topic anymore….I met the lovely draya in 2007…that means mathematically you probably don’t need #maury for this case if her son is #11..didn’tthink ppl were this stupid..common sense would tell u I wouldn’t be the father but hey @tmz_tv @balleralert @theindustryonblast_ since u guys all at some point wrote about this LET’S make a wager I’ll donate 1 million too each of u guys charities if u can prove your story….bank records, child support order etc on the LOW END she Should have made 2.6 million in child support from me in the last 11 years at 20k a month becuz i was making about 17 million during those years…..if u guys lose..u post my app #nameswithfriends 12 times a month for a year!!!! Is it a DEAL???? Alijaharenas is my son on the bottom

Industry On Blast was the first and only site to respond, and they accepted the challenge that Arenas put forth. They told him that they are going to work to "get those receipts" that prove that Arenas fathered Draya's son:

But Arenas didn't stop there. After Industry On Blast accepted his challenge, he took to Instagram again and proceeded to tell the whole story about how he first met Draya. In his eyes, it should be enough to end all of the speculation surrounding him and the Basketball Wives star. He has since deleted that Instagram post as well, but here's his side of things:

Will this end the rumor about him being the father of Draya's son? Probably not. But Arenas does bring up a good point at the end of his final Instagram post. His kids aren't getting any younger and, before long, they're going to find the rumor about their dad on the Internet. So it was probably a good idea for him to try and shut it down now, even if that meant going about it the way that he did.

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