Gilbert Arenas Claims He Saw the End of the Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher Fight and Provides Details About It

Agent Zero says he caught the end of the Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher fight.

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Are you tired of talking about the fight that took place between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher back in October? Zzzz...yeeeeeah, us, too. It’s the story that just won’t go away.

Fortunately, Barnes is probably going to be forced to stop talking about it now that the NBA has fined him $35,000 as a result of some comments that he made last week. But apparently, that isn’t going to stop Gilbert Arenas from speaking about what happened.

Arenas—who was once engaged to Laura Govan, the sister of Barnes’ ex-wife Gloria Govan—took to Instagram over the weekend to tell his side of the story when it comes to the fight. We had no clue that he was even involved, but according to him, Gloria’s brother called him when Barnes showed up to fight Fisher in October. Arenas provided his own play-by-play account of what went down on Instagram:

This isn’t the first time Arenas has chimed in on the fight (so take what he's reporting with a grain of salt!), but it is the first time we’ve heard that he was actually at the scene when it took place.

Anyway, can we all just move on? It's time.

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