Hold Up, Did Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly Really Try and Slide Into Mia Khalifa's DMs Again?

Mia Khalifa claims Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly tried to slide into her DMs for a second time.

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Remember when Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly tried to slide into former adult film star Mia Khalifa’s DMs right before his team played against her favorite team Florida State back in early September? Of course you do, because after the Seminoles beat up on the Rebels, Khalifa exposed Kelly by posting the DMs he sent to her on Twitter:

Kelly responded by deleting his Twitter account. He was just the latest athlete to get called out by Khalifa for trying to slide into her DMs.

It seems Kelly may not have learned his lesson after DMing Khalifa, though, because according to her, he tried to do it again this week. Very early Saturday morning, Khalifa posted another screenshot that appears to show Kelly sliding back into her DMs for a second time to thank her for putting him on blast and to ask her to FaceTime:

Which is just…dude, really?!

One of two things is going on here: Either Kelly clearly didn’t get the message the first time and just got exposed again, or someone out there brought his Twitter account back from the dead, sent the DMs on his behalf, and made him look like an idiot. His Twitter account has once again been deleted, so you can make the call on that. But either way, this is obviously not a good look for him.

Kelly and Ole Miss will take on Arkansas at home at 7 p.m. ET on Saturday. If he seems distracted during the game, you’ll know why.

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