Dodgers Reliever Brian Wilson Got Into a Confrontation With the CEO of the Giants Last Night (Video)

He was very upset about something.

Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson wants his 2012 World Series ring. GIVE BRIAN WILSON HIS 2012 WORLD SERIES RING!

After last night's Dodgers/Giants game, Wilson walked across the field at AT&T Park in San Francisco and confronted Giants CEO Larry Baer. He is reportedly upset right now because he still hasn't received the World Series ring that he earned as a member of the Giants last season. So despite the fact that the Giants contend that they have tried their best to reach out to Wilson in order to get him his ring, Wilson took matters into his own hands last night to try and secure the ring—even though he downplayed the confrontation he had with Baer after the game.

"Just a conversation between me and him," he said later.

Um, yeah. A pretty heated conversation that could have ended badly if Baer didn't basically ignore Wilson when he approached him. Watch the confrontation go down in the video above. Someone in the Giants organization needs to give Wilson his ring ASAP and cut the ties between him and the Giants for good.

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[via CSN Bay Area]

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