Rob Bironas' Blood Alcohol Level Was Almost Three Times the Legal Limit at His Fatal Car Crash

More strange details has been brought forth from the Rob Bironas tragedy.

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Last week, former Titans kicker Rob Bironas unfortunately died in a fatal car crash at the age of 36. The death became even more troubling as the information concerning the short time before the crash arose. Bironas had reportedly tried to run multiple cars off the road and his wife—Terry Bradshaw's daughter—didn't even know he'd left the house that night.

Now, a toxicology report is saying that Bironas had a blood alcohol level of .218. That's a lot of alcohol, almost three times the legal limit of .08.

So why is that number so high? And what was going through his mind before the crash? That's anybody's guess, but the mystery doesn't cloud the fact that what happened that night is a tragedy.

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