The Panthers Hold Off Seahawks Comeback to Advance to NFC Championship

Why are the playoffs so wild this year?

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Seattle got hit with a Luke Kuechly pick six, the Esco dance, and 31 points in the first half. And still they fought. The Seahawks still lost, but they almost pulled off a miraculous comeback before finally falling 31-24.

Jermaine Kearse was a star during the second half. He gave the team its first seven points through this 13-yard grab.

After a 33-yard Tyler Lockett touchdown, Kearse grabbed another one: A 3-yard pass over Josh Norman in the back of the end zone. Of course, Wilson had to pull some miracles in the backfield to get that pass off.

Comeback continues. Russell Wilson throws off his back foot jusssst over Josh Norman to Jermaine Kearse for SIX.

But you can only do so much against the Panthers' defense. The Seahawks were held to a field goal in their final drive. With under two minutes left, they were forced to go for an onside kick. Carolina recovered the kick and that was that. 

The Panthers and Seahawks will be a great rivalry to watch in the coming years. But what's going to become of Marshawn Lynch, who was a non factor today? With his injury struggles and the Seahawks looking for cap space, we could be seeing the last of Beast Mode in Seattle.

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