This Guy's Job Is to Get Dunked on to Help Make NBA 2K15 a Better Game (Video)

Catching a facial isn't so bad if there's money involved.

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Common wisdom says that one of your life missions—whether you play basketball or work at whatever office job—is to not get dunked on. Seriously, nobody is safe these days thanks to the #dunkcam.

But what if you got paid to catch facial dunks? It changes things a little bit, right? Developers are hard at work crafting NBA 2K15, and to make sure it's just right, they use motion capture technology for realism. Why not use that technology to perfect every aspect of the game, including that shameful trip to the floor while getting posterized? Former Sprite Showdown All-Star and current Ballup member Gary “G” Smith is the one doing the posterizing.

You don't know how much dunks the guy above is taking, but it can't be that bad of a gig, right? He's essentially just standing around.

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[via Bleacher Report]

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