The Lakers Somehow Beat the Warriors

This wasn't Steph Curry's best game.

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This weekend in shockers isn't just limited to the UFCGolden State lost its sixth game of the season to the Lakers. In fact, the Warriors got straight up blown out by the Lakers.

Golden State's last loss came because Damian Lillard had a freakishly good game. There was no such X-factor this time: the Warriors just sucked. Normally undisputed shooters, Golden State shot at just 40 percent with 20 turnovers.

Also, check this:

  • Steph Curry, your probable MVP: 1-of-10 from beyond the arc.
  • Klay Thompson, your 2016 Three-Point Contest Champion: 0-of-8 shooting threes.

With stats like those, the Lakers just had to remain competent to finish the closest thing they'll get to a playoff win this year. Jordan Clarkson led Los Angeles with 25 points as they cruised, 112-95. This win makes the Lakers the first sub-.200 team in NBA history to beat a team over .900.

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