Katt Williams Connects Washington Redskins to Racism (Video)

The equivalent to "Compton Blackskins."

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Katt Williams has been making some questionable decisions recently, like getting arrested for missing a court date. But the comedian does have smart things to say every now and then. And by "smart," we mean  insightful comments, not the smart aleck ones.

Williams called the Washington Redskins' name racist and with good reason. "You know how racist that is? Do you understand the quality of racism that is?" he said. "That would be like saying the Chinese Yellowskins or the Compton Blackskins...You're letting gay people get married. Could you please stop disrespecting the people we admit we already did wrong to?"

His comments are hard to argue against, especially given the wrong the country has done in its history. The fact that its so blatant, yet so ignored ought to make us think.

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