Green Bay Press-Gazette Editor Writes Column About Racist Incident; Gets a Stupid, Borderline Sexist Response Letter

Editor Amy Bailey's column upset one egregiously out-of-touch fan.

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The United States is filled with people who try to sound smart without having the mental capacity to do so. An incident at a Green Bay Packers party and an offended reader gave one example of this. 

Green Bay Press-Gazette Editor Amy Bailey attended a viewing party for the Packers game last Sunday. While there, a man called the pursuit of one fumble a "big ol' nigger pile." Bailey understandably called him out at the party and wrote a column about the incident.

But to one reader, Bailey is the one who's wrong here instead of the racist man. The person — who simply goes by RR — sent a two-page rant to the editor in an attempt to describe just how wrong she is for calling a racist a racist. Here's the letter in its comic sans glory below:


Some quick takeaways:

  • Yes, people still think having black friends makes you a black people expert.

  • There's something fundamentally off when someone is offended at a piece focused on calling out racism—especially when the core argument is "What that man said is inappropriate to you."

  • Dude used comic sans, the word "gelding," and sexism in one article. No.

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