Former All-Star Steve Francis Looks Like a Tragedy This Weekend

What happened?

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Remember EA Sports' NBA Live series, which was the main video game series before the NBA 2K series took over? We hardly can either, and its dominance is almost as distant as Steve Francis' (one of NBA Live's cover athletes) career. The man was a three-time All Star and Rookie of the Year; to say he's fallen off since then is a bit generous. His career is over, his short-lived music career was bars upon bars of misfortune, and frankly he doesn't look good at all in his recent pictures. Francis was pictured this weekend and it's like...damn. What happened Stevie Franchise?

Look at the pics below:

That's not Stevie Franchise, is it??RT @lastnameturner: Steve Francis at the strip club here in Houston…
Steve Francis Doesn't Look Well, At All…
Hope Steve Francis gets well...…

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