Doc Rivers Thinks Kobe Bryant is Underrated


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With crazy performances like Kobe Bryant's 42-point, 12-assist game against the Hornets and tweets like this, it's a wonder why anybody would sleep on the Black Mamba. Even Doc Rivers, who's supposed to be Kobe's sworn enemy, wonders why too. In his guest spot in Jim Rome's radio show yesterday, Doc talked about how Michael Jordan's greatness sort of jinxed our perception of Vino. He said, “I think because he followed Michael, he probably doesn’t get the due he deserves...What he’s doing right now, at his age, I watched last night because I watch most of New Orleans’ games for personal reasons, he’s playing at a different level himself.”

The downside to Jordan's existence is how all other great players will always be held up to his standard instead of their own value. Maybe fans need to chill with the comparisons and just take a sip of the vino. Anybody with the nickname "Vino" can't get slept on.

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[via Jim Rome]

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