Army Reportedly Recruited Using Women, Alcohol, and Money

Army reportedly used less-than-savory means to recruit.

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At its core, He Got Game is a story about redemption and identity. That doesn't make a good meme, though. The scene many remember is when that one college uses women to help court Jesus Shuttlesworth—to which he responds by doing some un-Jesuslike things.

The said college doesn't face any backlash for doing that; fictional programs don't abide by NCAA regulations. Army is a real program, however, so it's facing a bit of heat for reportedly using women, alcohol, a party bus, and cash from boosters. According to The Gazette, this has been going on for 10 years.

The party trips apparently were scenes of excess. The Gazette describes how booster money handled getting alcohol and beer towers, two cheerleaders making out on a bus with players present, and the said bus being filled with, "dancing in the aisles, strobe lights flashing iPhones to reflect the club-like atmosphere."

This won't rock the college football world, though. Current Head Coach Jeff Monken knew what was going on, but he initially didn't report his knowledge to West Point. The information did end up leaking, and West Point eventually reported itself to the NCAA. The school got off with a warning.

All that trouble and Army still barely gets any winning seasons.

[via The Gazette]

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