50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Sparred on Twitter Last Night

More Twitter wars.

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50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather seemed like the perfect power couple, but last night, we saw this relationship  turn into some Twitter beef.  Of course this happens not too long after Fif announced the end of their business relationship via Twitter. Below, watch as the two trade jabs about 50 Cent's SMS Promotions, Mayweather possibly ducking undefeated featherweight Yuriorkis Gamboa AND Manny Pacquiao, and 50 Cent's album sales (complete with a chart). This was so juicy even Rick Ross jumped in:

GAMBOAWANTS TO FIGHT FLOYD. I will put up a extra 20 million for the winner. He don't like it that Floyd pulled out. #SMSAUDIO
Ellerbee you a broke bum GAMBOA want to fight tell him to Floyd lace up. Lol
GAMBOA is the truth, FLOYD no that, stop tricking and Fight #SMSAUDIO
GAMBOA MOVING UP IN WEIGHT FLOYD. You should have know not to go against me PUNK #SMSAUDIO
SMS = Sisters Managing Sports
SMS = Snakes Maneuver Slick
I can't hang out with Floyd no more,I'm tired of running from mannypacquiao #smsAudio
SMS = Similar Mayweather Show
A male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined instagr.am/p/Rjhoa1R3Vb/
Fuck Boy you look cute in that jacket instagr.am/p/RjjIS8R3Wo/
Damn I make this jacket look hot lol instagr.am/p/RjjIS8R3Wo/
I'm gonna make BIG FLOYD rich. Floyd stop spending your money on hoe's man they don't love you fool.SMSaudio
I respect the shooter not the one who got shot instagr.am/p/RjlLFMx3Xu/
Hold my money Fuck Boy instagr.am/p/RjmsFWx3Yg/
That boy @floydmayweather said "hold my money fuck boi" haaaaaaaa #Tmt #MMG #oilmoney

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