Watch UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold Destroy an iPhone 6S With His Bare Hands

Watch UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold Destroy an iPhone 6S with his bare hands

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Just how durable are Apple's new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus? The folks at SquareTrade decided to find out, albeit in one of the most unusual ways possible.

UFC fighter Luke Rockhold used roundhouse kicks to send the various phones flying into the wall, which obviously resulted in them being smashed into pieces. He then took to snapping them in half with his bare hands, a feat that was much tougher with the 6S models thanks to the implementation of stronger materials that were used during the manufacturing process.

This is all fairly ridiculous, of course, because none of us are going to be kicking or intentionally attempting to break these pricey pieces of technology. What it showed more than anything is that Rockhold is a very strong man -- a piece of information we probably could have gleaned from the fact that he has a 14-2 record in MMA competition.

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