'The Simpsons' Makes Fun of the Terrible 76ers

"The Simpsons" make a joke based on how bad the Philadelphia 76ers have become

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The Philadelphia 76ers are just 5-36 on the season, but that by itself probably isn't enough to get the team's troubles into the national, non-sports spotlight.

Thanks to a strategy built on bottoming out in order to try to obtain franchise-changing talent through the NBA Draft, the team has been bad by choice for going on three straight seasons. And because the Sixers are becoming synonymous with losing, they were an easy punchline for the writers of "The Simpsons," who made a mildly amusing joke at the team's expense.

Things can definitely change, however, where a team's reputation is concerned. Back in 1996, when the Denver Broncos where known for getting blown out in Super Bowls, the folks at "The Simpsons" used the team as the butt of a joke based on that premise. And of course, Denver ended up winning back-to-back titles in the next two NFL seasons.

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