Lisa Ann Says She Hooked Up With a Golden State Warriors Player Who Wants to Be Her Master Pimp

Lisa Ann says she hooked up with a Golden State Warriors player who wants to be her master pimp.

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Former porn star Lisa Ann is 43 years old, but she apparently has no problem "dating" young athletes who are still in their physical prime.

In a recent interview with Mad Dog Sports Radio, she revealed that she had cooked dinner for a member of the Golden State Warriors, and that the two had some "interactions" that (most likely) took place in the bedroom instead of the dining room. She also mentioned that this player would be more than willing to share her with others around the league, and in fact, he'd be happy to help facilitate any such meetings.

"This is the most unique situation I’ve ever been in because this person pretty much said he wants be my Master P, you know Master Pimp but you know no exchange of money of course," Ann said. "He wants to be my resource for anyone I want to meet. He’s fine with sharing me with other people which is just amazing."

Ann also clarified that the player was both young and single, and that he was one of the team's clearly recognizable faces -- which technically leaves us with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes. Since I can't picture Thompson taking on the role of a pimp, my money's on Green here, simply because he has a reputation for saying all kinds of ridiculous stuff.

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