DeAndre Jordan Was at Dinner With Blake Griffin When He Hit a Clippers’ Equipment Manager

DeAndre Jordan was at the dinner where Blake Griffin punched a member of the Clippers staff, police were there too

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Blake Griffinbroke his right hand while punching Clippers assistant equipment manager Matias Testi, after things went sideways during a dinner in Toronto between the two men who are not only coworkers, but also close personal friends

Additional details are beginning to emerge of what exactly caused Griffin to snap to the point where he'd risk an injury, and it turns out that DeAndre Jordan was also in attendance. Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times has more:

Griffin and Testi had engaged in some of their routine back-and-forth teasing when things became heated, with the confrontation starting inside the restaurant and continuing outside and involving multiple blows from Griffin, said a person with knowledge of the situation who was not authorized to discuss it publicly. 

Griffin is extremely fortunate that he wasn't arrested after the police arrived, and while these things can obviously escalate extremely quickly, it seems kind of odd that Jordan was unable to intervene to prevent this from taking place.

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