Kendrick Perkins Claps Back at Draymond Green for Calling Him a 'Big Ogre'

Kendrick Perkins and Golden State Warrior Draymond Green exchanged shots on social media early Saturday morning after the latter called the former a "big ogre."

Kendrick Perkins during the 2021 NBA Draft

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Kendrick Perkins during the 2021 NBA Draft

Shortly after dropping 14 points, 15 rebounds, and eight assists in the Golden State Warriors’ closeout win against the Grizzlies Friday night, Draymond Green went off on Kendrick Perkins for criticizing his recent performances in the playoffs.

“Something came to my phone earlier,” Green said to reporters. “Some guy saying I’m scared to shoot the basketball. Scared and me in the same sentence is brutal. But you got a big ogre on TV talking about what Draymond says ain’t the gospel. It is the gospel. What I say is the gospel. When you say that multiple times on several different segments, you must think what I say is the gospel. So, you got to come out and shut some guys up sometimes. When you got people talking out the side of their neck. ‘Anybody can make the pass Draymond make.’ That’s just stupid.”

"Something came up on my phone earlier. A guy saying I'm scared to shoot the basketball. 'Scared' and 'me' in the same sentence is like brutal. But you got a big ogre on TV saying what Draymond say ain't the gospel."

Draymond Green to Kendrick Perkins 👀

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Draymond continued, “But these are people who get employed to talk on TV about our game. ‘Anybody could make that pass.’ You make that pass. We’d love to see it. I played against the guy by the way. I’m talking about Kendrick Perkins for those of y’all that don’t know. I’m never duckin’ no smoke. As the Memphis Grizzlies’ towels say, I don’t duck smoke. ‘Anybody could make that pass.’ You couldn’t, so good luck. You just got to come out and shut people up sometimes. It was very fun to do.”

It didn’t take long before Perkins responded, as the ESPN NBA analyst took to Twitter to fire back at Draymond. Kendrick ended up deleting the post due to its explicit language, but you can check out the original video below.

“Hey Draymond, let me let you in on a little something, man, all that ogre, whatever you say I look like, man, you ain’t cute,” he said. “You ain’t handsome, man, you better thank that NBA logo, you better thank Jerry West. I’ve been with my wife since the 10th grade, dime piece before the NBA stuff, so don’t get it all twisted.”

Kendrick Perkins has some words for Draymond Green 👀

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“I can say whatever the fuck I want to say when I want to say it, and I’m going to say it,” Perkins continued. “I said that you weren’t looking to be aggressive, that you weren’t the Draymond of old, yeah you came out there and handled your business tonight, but thinking that I’m going to shut up…you can miss me with all that…I live boxing, I live wrestling all damn day straight up, I don’t give a damn about all that shit you talking about, you crazy as hell if you think you’re going to shut me up.”

He concluded, “Shit, you got the game fucked up fuckin’ with Big Perk.”

Draymond returned serve on his Instagram story early Saturday morning, calling out Perkins for deleting his video. However, Perk has since re-posted a clean version of his rant.

“@kendrickperkins don’t ever mention my name and afraid. Also, we don’t tweet and delete. We stand on our word...your ratings will be up in the’re welcome!”

Draymond had more words for Perk 😮

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