People React to Video of Johnny Damon Drunkenly Resisting Arrest and Saying ‘Blue Lives Matter’

Footage of former MLB star Johnny Damon’s DUI arrest has surfaced online, showing him drunkenly resisting arrest and referencing his support for Trump.

johnny damon

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johnny damon

Bodycam footage of former baseball star Johnny Damon’s DUI arrest in Florida has surfaced online. In it, he can be seen resisting arrest and bringing up his support for Donald Trump.

In the video, which was shared online by TMZ, Damon can be heard slurring his words after he was pulled over for allegedly swerving his SUV into a curb. As police talked to Damon, his wife Michelle Mangan-Damon ignored repeated calls telling her to stay in the car. The situation only escalated further from there, with Damon denying that he was drunk and resisting arrest before launching into a strange rant about his political beliefs.

“Believe me, I am Blue Lives Matter…. Guys, we are all for cops,” he could be heard saying at one point. “I’m a good fucking guy, and I know people are trying to target me ‘cause I’m a Trump supporter.” He insisted that he was being targeted for his history with Trump, although the officer suggested that had nothing to do with the situation at hand. He was then asked to complete some sobriety tests, all of which he appeared to have failed. He had a blood alcohol level somewhere between .294 and .300, which is four times the Florida state limit of .08.

The arrest took place on Feb. 18, and he was charged with DUI. His wife was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

Prior to his retirement, the 47-year-old played for the Kansas City Royals, the Oakland Athletics, the Boston Red Sox, and the New York Yankees. His last three seasons were spent with the Detroit Tigers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Cleveland Indians. Damon also took part in the 2015 season of the Celebrity Apprentice, and later endorsed Trump in 2016.

After his arrest last month, he briefly spoke with media to say that he’s “always accountable” for his actions. “I will be honest with you and always be accountable and like I said I would never put myself, my loved ones or anybody in harm’s way getting behind the wheel of a vehicle,” he said. “So, I apologize and hopefully, I can answer more questions later on.”

People were quick to point out the hypocrisy in the way police treated Damon, who happens to be white. Check out reactions to his arrest video below.

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