Deebo Samuel Reportedly Falls for Prank by High Schoolers Posing as Cam Newton

Samuel shared the messages in a since-deleted tweet.

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Deebo Samuel posted and deleted texts he believed were from Cam Newton, but were actually from a group of high schoolers trolling him.

In a series of screenshots posted to social media, Samuel appeared to laugh off messages from someone claiming to be Newton. They even emulated the way the NFL free agent types on social media by using special characters. The culprits behind the prank wrote, "fuck you Deebo" in one of the messages, which Samuel responded to with a laughing emoji.

While it's unclear how the teenagers got ahold of Samuel's number, a screenshot from a text chat on SnapChat circulating on X, formerly Twitter, appeared to show someone explaining that someone knew someone who had Samuel's number from when he was at the University of South Carolina.

A pretty wild turn of events in the Deebo Samuel vs. Cam Newton beef:

Deebo shows the receipts from Cam Newton...

But it ends up that Deebo got pranked by a group of random kids who had his number pretending to be Cam 🤣

Deebo has since deleted his tweets.

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) December 28, 2023
Twitter: @NFL_DovKleiman

The situation kicked off after Samuel told Newton to "stop texting" him. "You were a fan like two weeks ago," he said on Kay Adams' show earlier this week. "You wanted me on your podcast after talking about my quarterback, which is funny to me."

"Cam Newton, stop texting my phone bro."

Deebo DID NOT hold back on @CameronNewton and @MicahhParsons11 😯@19problemz @heykayadams

— Up & Adams (@UpAndAdamsShow) December 27, 2023
Twitter: @UpAndAdamsShow

Newton responded by brushing off the suggestion he was texting Samuel. "You must stop the cap, bro," he laughed. "Now my point is this, you said something like, 'Cam stop calling my phone.' Motherfucker I don't got your number."

Former NFL QB Cam Newton calls out #49ers Deebo Samuel for lying:

“You must stop the cap.”

“Motherf*** I don't got yo number.”


— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) December 27, 2023
Twitter: @NFL_DovKleiman

The teens that pranked Samuel also posted a video in which they appear to be talking to him on the phone.

VIDEO: High school kids who pranked Deebo Samuel claiming to be Cam Newton


Samuel has since deleted his posts showing texts from “Newton.”

— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) December 28, 2023
Twitter: @_MLFootball

Samuel has since deleted all of the posts and has not addressed the situation.

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