Paul Heyman Says Lesnar-Cormier Fight Is On If UFC Is Willing to Pay

Brock Lesnar's personal "advocate" Paul Heyman says a fight is a definite possibility.

Paul Heyman says that the only thing standing in the way of a fight between Brock Lesnar and current UFC champion Daniel Cormier is a paycheck. 

"As long as Daniel Cormier has the balls to step into the Octagon and put his title up against Brock Lesnar, and UFC comes up with the money for Brock Lesnar, I don't see anything that would keep Brock Lesnar from taking the fight," he said.

Paul Heyman manages Lesnar during his time in the WWE. Lesnar's personal "advocate" made it clear that he is open to heading to the Octagon to face Cormier while speaking with TMZ Sports, though the promotion will have to act quickly as Cormier plans to retire in the very near future.

Cormier seems ready to fight the WWE and UFC star. He called out Lesnar following after holding on to his title in a fight with Derrick Lewis earlier this month. 

"Brock Lesnar, when you come bring that brand new WWE title, too," Cormier said after becoming the first person in history to defend two titles in different UFC weight classes. "I feel like being a WWE champion too. Let's go, Brock. Bring that belt if you want to come to my house."

UFC head Dana White very pointedly avoiding discussing the possibility of a Cormier/Lesnar bout when he was asked by TMZ about what fights the champ might take on before he retires. 

"I would like - obviously like to see Jones and Cormier fight again at heavyweight, but you know, right now, Cormier’s team wants him to retire now. They want him to retire right now. I hope we can get three more fights out of him," he said.

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