Nick Saban’s Daughter Accuses Ohio State of Faking COVID-19 Cases to Delay Championship Game

Nick Saban’s daughter accused Ohio State of faking COVID-19 diagnoses to buy time for their injured quarterback to heal ahead of national championship game.

Alabama mascot Big Al waving Alabama flag at National Championship

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Alabama mascot Big Al waving Alabama flag at National Championship

If the last year has taught us anything, it's that people won't be made to suffer mild inconveniences if a problem doesn't personally affect them. Professional and college sports carried on farcical seasons of sports while athletes collapsed from a raging virus. So it makes sense that the season would close with the daughter of the state of Alabama's highest paid official making accusations while people she doesn't know appear to be suffering.

The daughter of University of Alabama coach Nick Saban accused Ohio State players of fabricating COVID-19 cases to delay the national championship game between Alabama and Ohio State. In a since-deleted post, Kristen Saban Setas implied the program was exploiting coronavirus protocols to buy time for their star quarterback to recover from injuries.

"If you're not confident to play, then say it," she wrote. "I call BS on the COVID cases. They're just worried about their QB and want him to heal."

Setas went on to say that Alabama's program made it through the season in spite of injuries to WR Jaylen Waddle.

"You didn't see us postpone the season to wait for Waddle," she wrote.

The outburst came after news broke that Ohio State might possibly be missing an entire position group due to COVID-19 protocols and was floating the idea of delaying the title game. Needless to say, Setas thought better of her post. Still, she faced an earned amount of scorn from people who realize that 1 in 1000 Americans have died during this pandemic.


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