LaVar Ball's Dating Comments for LaMelo and His Other Sons Go Viral

LaVar Ball doesn't think it's possible to find a nice woman after you've achieved fame and his advice to his sons on the matter is going viral.

Lavar Ball

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Lavar Ball

However you feel about the Ball family, you can't deny that they've made the world beyond the court a little more interesting. LaVar Ball's crass branding and willingness to say just about anything on a mic have provided extra, free entertainment since Lonzo Ball entered the NBA in 2017. He doesn't show any sign of stopping now that LaMelo is set to go pro on Wednesday, as evidenced by some frank dating advice he gave his sons during a recent podcast appearance.

On BroBible's Endless Hustle podcast, the elder Ball shared his low opinion of the NBA's WAGs. He said he thinks it's impossible to find a "nice woman" once a player has achieved success. 

“You’re never going to meet a nice woman, especially in basketball. If you’re in this profession, when you have all this fame and notoriety, how are you going to meet a good girl?" he said. "You’re not because, what, you’re going to meet are in that restaurant where you eat, or are you going to go to a club where you dance or you’re going to meet her at the arena? So, I hate to tell you, you’re going to meet a ho."

The protective but misogynist advice quickly spread on social media, with people agreeing or disagreeing with his advice. 

As for LaMelo, he has a realistic shot at being the No. 1 overall pick in tonight's NBA draft. 

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