Even Stephen Curry Was Amazed By LaMelo Ball Calling His Halfcourt Three-Pointer

Stephen Curry was blown away by LaMelo Ball's gumption.

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Did you see LaMelo Ball’s halfcourt shot? You know, the one where the 15-year-old takes an inbounds pass in the middle of the game, points at the midcourt line, audaciously pulls up, and absolutely sinks it?

You didn’t? Oh man, watch it right now.

This dude LaMelo Ball pointed at the half court line and then casually pulled from there he's our new god now pic.twitter.com/nKGarnc2bi

This kid is already a legend.

Following the Warriors’ win over the Raptors, the NBA’s long-distance king was asked whether he had seen the clip, and yes, Stephen Curry sure had.

“I did. That was some confidence right there,” Curry said, according to James Herbert of CBS Sports. “The fact that he made it. I wonder if he’s done it before and missed it. It’s the highlight-driven generation, so that right there was pretty unbelievable, though. For him to call his shot like Babe Ruth and knock it down and act like nothing happened. So shout out to him.”

That’s a great point. Do you think Ball has ever done this before and missed it? Regardless, what an incredible feat. How many guys will try to replicate this? Let's hope J.R. Smith tries in the NBA Finals.

Ball is just a sophomore at Chino Hills High School in California. His older brother, Lonzo, is a freshman sensation at UCLA; he’s averaging 13.7 points, 8.1 assists, and 5.6 rebounds per game. And uhh, yeah, he can shoot like his little brother. He’s hitting 43 percent of his threes.

So, how did these two brothers become so adept at hitting 3-pointers? Check out The Ringer’s excellent feature from earlier this year for the answer.

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