Skylar Diggins Says She's Thankful She's on Azealia Banks' Good Side

Skylar Diggins of the WNBA's Dallas Wings says she's glad rapper Azealia Banks likes her.

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Skylar Diggins, the Dallas Wings guard and Drake’s favorite WNBA player, is just glad to be on Azealia Banks’ good side, according to a new feature from ESPN The Magazine’s WNBA Issue. Mina Kimes wrote: "I ask if she’s heard the Azealia Banks song named after her and she grins slyly. 'I’m just glad I’m one of the people she likes.'"

The confrontational rapper released a track titled "Skylar Diggins" in March,

Banks has never been afraid to challenge an opponent, as evidenced by her copious Twitter beefs over the years. She was in the news this week for yet another one (and another nother one), as she went toe-to-toe with Zayn Malik and 14-year-old(!) Disney star Skai Jackson. Even if you’re 14and you come at Azealia, you better be prepared for war.

In the interview Kimes also tells Diggins that The Game has referenced her in lyrics as well. In "Hit The J," The Game, who loves basketball, raps: "Got a squad full chicks, I ain’t dropping names/They all ball like the girl that play for Notre Dame/What's her name? Skylar Diggins, yeah that’s right, that’s right."

When her agent read the lyrics to Diggins, she laughed and exclaimed, "I made it!"

The WNBA season tips off Saturday, with the Wings playing the Indiana Fever at 6 p.m.

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