Amanda Nunes Wore a Lion Mask to UFC 207 Weigh-in Ahead of Fight With Ronda Rousey

Amanda Nunes made a creative entrance to the weigh-in for UFC 207.

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Ronda Rousey’s last fight was her shocking loss to Holly Holm, but she returns to the ring soon: UFC 207 is Friday. It’s good to have her back.

When you’re fighting the Ronda Rousey—even when she’s coming off of a career-deflating loss—you have to get creative with your preparation, or you’re sure to get eaten alive.

Well, Amanda Nunes, Rousey’s opponent, certainly got creative. She rolled up to the weigh-in wearing a lion mask. *DJ Khaled voice* LIIOOONNN!

Thanks for the nightmares, @Amanda_Leoa! 😳 #UFC207

So, what is she trying to say—she’ll be king of the jungle Friday? There is some reasoning behind the symbol, as Nunes’ nickname is “Lionness.”

The origin story, via MMA Fighting: “I was the only woman in the gym, and I was tough, so they decided to call me ‘leoa’ (lioness, in Portuguese). And people liked it.”

Nunes walks out at ceremonial weigh ins in legit lion mask. Weirdly, I went from "eh, I don't know," to "badass," in a span of 10 seconds.

Rousey didn’t speak during the ceremonial stare-down.

The champ @Amanda_Leoa battles former champ @RondaRousey THIS FRIDAY at #UFC207! @Reebok

It’s still weird to see Rousey referred to as the “former champ.” She seems relaxed heading into her return.

Nunes, at 13-4, is a formidable opponent, but Rousey is still the favorite in Vegas.

The Nunes-Rousey fight is the last of the night, and it’s scheduled to begin at 11 p.m.

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