It somehow feels like the NBA offseason has just started and simultaneously almost been over in the blink of an eye. On Monday night the news broke that the NBA and NBPA had come to an agreement on an amended Collective Bargaining Agreement that will has set up the 2020-21 season to take place and start in December. That means the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat will have an offseason of just over 40 days. Pretty wild. 

With free agency starting Nov. 20, there still hasn’t been a set day for the transaction window to open up—allowing teams to make trades and decisions of contract options—but that should happen before the draft takes place on Nov. 18. 

When that transaction window does open up, there’s a strong chance we see a lot of movement rather quickly in the form of trades. Teams have had weeks to think about ways to improve their roster and the rumors are already flying. We haven’t had a deal made since last season’s trade deadline, and there have to be more than a few itchy trigger fingers out there in the NBA ready to deal.

Here are some of the players we think could be on the move this offseason.