Black people are getting shot in broad daylight in front of their children. But for some reason, Jerry Jones still doesn't seem to understand the importance of protesting during the National Anthem

On Tuesday, reports surfaced that the Dallas Cowboys owner is contemplating a compromise with players that would allow them to kneel before the National Anthem, but would force them to stand during the song. This is similar to the demonstration the Cowboys did before their 2017 game against the Cardinals.

"I knelt with our players, as you know, on a personal basis. But as a team, we all knelt together before the anthem and then we stood for the anthem to recognize what its symbol is to America," Jones said in an interview with 105.3 The Fan. "I thought that was good. That’s the kind of thing that we’ll be looking to see if we can implement."

Jones' remarks come after Cowboys nose tackle, Dontari Poe, revealed that he would kneel during the National Anthem this season. 

"Yeah I do still plan on kneeling," Poe said to USA Today on Sunday. "I just felt like I just wanted to do it for me and the statement I wanted to make." Poe who signed a two-year, $8.5 million deal with Dallas earlier this year, went on to say that he's open to meeting with Jones about the situation. 

"[Jones] told us he had an open door for us to talk to him at any time," he continued. "So, I look forward to taking advantage of that and just getting in his ear and seeing how he’s feeling about it."

Those close to the situation say that Jones will consult with Poe about this compromise. But from the proposal presented, it doesn't seem like Jones is interested in seeing a Black man express his discontent with the way he is treated in this country. In fact, Jones reportedly wants to be more sensitive to fans who don't want to see players kneel than he is to his own players. As you can see below, Jones' decision didn't sit well with some NFL fans.