The NBA shutdown its season all the way back in March and there still haven’t been many answers as to when things are going to be back up and running. While we wait to find out whether or not the regular season is resumed, shortened, or if the playoffs just begin when sports are back, it is hard to believe that the 2020 NBA Draft will happen as scheduled at the end of June. 

With that said, the draft has to happen at some point. It may not be until the end of August, or September, but it will happen. There might be a few playoff spots up for debate, especially at the bottom of the Western Conference, but there is a pretty clear picture of which teams will be in the lottery and which won’t. 

This draft has the feel of one that doesn’t necessarily have a ton of top-end talent, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have talent. After the top three or four guys, it doesn’t feel like there are many guys worthy of being selected in the front half of the lottery. With that known, there are 15 or so guys that can make a case as belonging in the back half of the lottery. 

The lottery order was conducted by a simulation on, and this is what was produced. 

NBA Mock Draft
Image via Twitter