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Following the murder of the unarmed black man George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer this past Memorial Day, protests have sparked across the country and numerous celebrities and influencers have spoken up to voice their stance in solidarity. 

Friday afternoon, Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores joined others by releasing a statement regarding George Floyd and taking a stance on police brutality and discrimination in the NFL.

"Most recently, I've had conversations about incentivizing teams for hiring minorities," Flores said in his statement. "Again, there was some outrage in the media and talks that this would cause division amongst coaches, executives, and ownership. I bring these situations up because I haven't seen the same OUTRAGE from people of influence when the conversation turns to Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and most recently George Floyd. Many people who broadcast their opinions on kneeling or on the hiring of minorities don't seem to have an opinion on the recent murders of these young black men and women. I think many of them QUIETLY say that watching George Floyd plead for help is one of the more horrible things they have seen, but it's said amongst themselves where no one can hear. Broadcasting THAT opinion clearly is not important enough."

He continues: "I lead a group of young men who have the potential to make a real impact in this world. My message to them and anyone else who wants to listen is that honesty, transparency, and empathy go a long way in bringing people together and making change. I hope that the tragedies of the last few weeks will open our hearts and minds to a better way of communicating and hopefully create that change."

Coach Flores' statement triggered a wide response on social media, with many sports analysts and fans applauding his leadership.

Despite this statement, other fans also cited the time last year when coach Flores seemingly mocked former Dolphins WR Kenny Stills for criticizing Jay-Z's NFL partnership by playing eight straight Jay-Z songs straight at practice.