On Tuesday, projected first-round wide receiver Jerry Jeudy was asked why he wears a Star of David around his neck, which is a relatively wholesome question to be asked at the NFL Combine. At least when you consider past prospects have been questioned about whether their mom's a prostitute, if they find their mom attractive, and probably some other questions about their moms.

Jeudy's answer, however, was a tad unorthodox (no pun intended) as it had to do with the way his last name sounds rather than his choice of religion. You probably figured that out when you read his name in your head during that first sentence.

"My last name's Jeudy," he explained. "People sometimes call me short for 'Jew.' (...) So I just got a Jew star. I'm not Jewish though." Cue some laughter:

Reaction was relatively tepid and will be forgotten shortly. Though if you took a deep dive into the completely-unsupported-by-evidence comments (that we didn't bother with here) you'd be forgiven for thinking some great culture war was taking place:

As for Jeudy, he tweeted out an apology and denied that any disrespect to the Jewish religion was intended: