Kobe Bryant always seems to be in the right place, at the right time.

The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar was captured on video by TMZ Sports at a crash scene in Newport Beach, California on Friday, comforting crash victims and directing traffic, all while wearing a pink tracksuit.

While the accident appeared to be pretty major, the extent of the motorists' injuries are unknown at this time. Multiple cars were involved in the collision, and judging by the foggy weather, it's not hard to see how the accident could have happened.

This isn't the 41-year-old's first time making sure that car crash victims weren't injured. Back in 2018, in the same city, he witnessed a car run a red light and crash into another car. Bryant got out of his car to make sure the driver was OK.

Kobe is definitely a good samaritan because we all know Michael Jordan would have kept on driving past the accident. Just playing. Maybe.

The future Hall of Famer has impacted many lives. His former teammate Lamar Odom spoke highly of Bryant while promoting his autobiography, Darkness to Light, a few months ago.

"Kobe Bryant played a crucial role in my life. I have recently started to reflect back about my relationships and I'm so grateful for the people god gave me. His love and care was so deep I should have given you my 6th man award just because I feel you deserved it," Odom wrote on Instagram at the time. "My book, Darkness to Light wouldn't be my life story if you weren't in it. I hope you know that I'm extremely blessed to have you in my life not only as a friend, laker fam, but also as a father figure that I never had. Thank you."