It looks like Antonio Brown is using his time away from the field to tap into his other passions. 

On Monday, AB took to Instagram to share a snippet of a song he's working on with Sean Kingston. Brown claims that this will be the first single off his upcoming joint album with the singer. According to TMZ, Brown will be telling real-life stories on this project, including run-ins with the law and a near-fatal shooting.  

"Going to be telling my story in these songs all truth I had the biggest police chase at fiu university campus. Mario Cristobal was the coach ask him!" Brown said before revealing that he'll recount the time he was shot in the ear on these records as well.

"Or Me getting shot in the ear In the left [ear] In liberty city pink n grey projects!" Brown continued. "Then I walk on to CMU."

Antonio Brown is one of the league's most talented players when he's actually on the field, so reporters and fans are naturally interested in his life. It's also unclear how long he's been working on this project, but AB says the album will drop in 2020.