UPDATE 10/22, 3:o0 p.m. ET: Astros GM Brandon Taubman issued a statement Tuesday, apologizing for "unprofessional and inappropriate" comments he made in the Astros locker room following the team's ALCS win on Saturday. 

The MLB also released a statement, saying it will investigate the matter before "commenting further."

See original story below.

The Houston Astros have released a statement after Sports Illustrated published a report in which they described Brandon Taubman, the team's assistant general manager, yelling at three female reporters.

“Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so fucking glad we got Osuna," Taubman reportedly said to the women "half a dozen" times. Roberto Osuna was charged with domestic violence back in May of 2018 for assaulting Alejandra Román Cota, the mother of his child, when he was still a player for the Toronto Blue Jays. The publication pointed out that one of the reporters Taubman allegedly yelled at was "wearing a purple domestic-violence awareness bracelet." The assault charge against Osuna was eventually dropped after he agreed to a peace bond and to not have contact with Cota for one year. The pitcher went on to serve a 75-game suspension for being in violation of the league's domestic violence policy. 

Per SI:

"And in the center of the room, assistant general manager Brandon Taubman turned to a group of three female reporters, including one wearing a purple domestic-violence awareness bracelet, and yelled, half a dozen times, “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so f------ glad we got Osuna!”

The outburst was offensive and frightening enough that another Houston staffer apologized."

The incident occurred after the team's American League Championship Series win against the New York Yankees.

The team called the report "misleading and completely irresponsible" and claimed that Taubman was simply "supporting" Osuna.

"The story posted by Sports Illustrated is misleading and completely irresponsible," the team wrote in thier statement. "An Astros player was being asked questions about a difficult outing. Our executive was supporting the player during a difficult time. His comments had everything to do about the game situation that just occurred and nothing else – they were also not directed toward any specific reporters. We are extremely disappointed in Sports Illustrated's attempt to fabricate a story where one does not exist."

Reporters later took to Twitter to say that they could confirm Sports Illustrated's story.

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