The wife, child and mother-in-law of Tampa Bay Rays prospect Blake Bivens were killed in an apparent triple homicide. Police believe the killer was Bivens' brother-in-law, who was arrested hours later.

The triple homicide occurred in Keeling, Virginia. Police were called to the scene on the morning of August 27, with a neighbor calling in to report that they believed someone had been shot. The responding officer found a woman's body in the driveway and entered the home to find another woman and a one-year-old, both deceased. 

Police arrested the suspected murderer Matthew Bernard several hours later. The 19-year-old was found naked outside of a nearby church. Pictures from the scene make it plain that he had been pepper-sprayed but appeared to be unaffected. Police chased him into a field, hit him with batons, and took him into custody at the campground owned by Bernard's family.

Bivens' minor league double-header scheduled for today was canceled, with the opposing team sending their "deepest condolences and sympathies."