UPDATED 8/7, 10:20 a.m. ET: TMZ has obtained new footage from Marshawn Lynch's Fam 1st Family camp that led to his verbal altercation with a camper's mother.

In the clip, we can see that Lynch was having the campers—some as young as 9-years-old—perform hitting drills without pads or other safety equipment. Per witnesses, the exercise got out of hand with some children laying hard hits on each other. Other children did not want to participate in the drill, at which point Lynch to sent them off to run laps. 

Later in the video, Stephanie Siva walks on to the field and the verbal altercation between herself and Lynch begins. Lynch tries to calm her nerves and those of other frustrated parents, but seemed unable to defuse the situation. 

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The mother of a kid who attended a youth football camp in Seattle hosted by Marshawn Lynch, is calling the former Raiders and Seahawks player out for cursing and being sexist. 

The incident occurred on July 28, after Lynch used the f-word during a drill at a West Seattle high school, according to TMZ Sports. "Get the fuck out," Lynch reportedly said. There were children as young as 9 at the football camp.

Stephanie Siva, one of the moms that was in attendance, proceeded to confront Lynch about his language by throwing her son's jersey towards him and walking away. The running back then followed the mom in an attempt to diffuse the situation. During the encounter, Lynch can be heard asking if there's "a man here with you."

Lynch continued: "There's no disrespect... I understand I'm not gonna be able to please everybody."

You can watch footage of the exchange up top.

Siva later talked to TMZ about it all. "It was very sexist," Siva said, "And it was like 'What, you can't conversate with a mom?'"

You can watch her interview with TMZ below.