President Trump continues to ruin the tradition of visiting the White House after winning a title game by once again serving fast food to a championship football team.

On Monday, Mar. 4, Trump welcomed the North Dakota State Bison to D.C. to celebrate the team's 2019 FCS title. But instead of treating the team to a championship-worthy feast, he commemorated the Bison's victory by subjecting the players to a fast food buffet. According to USA Today, the athletes were presented with a self-serve spread filled with Big Macs, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, french fries, and other fast food entrees.

This buffet follows the precedent set by Trump in Jan. when the president presented the NCAA Football championship winning Clemson Tigers with a buffet similar to Monday's. Unlike Clemson's fate, this meal was not the result of the longest government shutdown in history; rather it was requested by North Dakota Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer.

"These two guys," Trump said about Hoeven and Cramer. "They really said, 'Would it be possible to do this for this team?' I said, 'I watched your championship game.' I said, 'those guys are good, they deserve it.'"

In addition to this bizarre buffet, President Trump took this opportunity to field a question regarding the House Judiciary Committee's document request and possible investigation. But, not only did he take the question, in an attempt to make it relevant to the press conference he answered it by joking about Colin Kaepernick's collusion case.

"I cooperate all the time with everybody," Trump said when asked if he would comply with the Committee's request. "And you know the beautiful thing? No collusion, it's all a hoax."