Kyrie Irving has had it with drama. In the process of dressing down the NBA press for spreading "he said-she said" stories, the Celtics star created a few new rumors about whether or not he's staying in Boston. 

Irving's future in Boston looks shaky after he ducked a question on whether or not he plans to stay with the Celtics next season. 

"At the end of the day I’m going to do what’s best for me and my career," he said. "I don’t owe anyone shit.” 

Irving doubled down on that "looking out for No. 1" mindset when asked again if he was considering re-signing with the Celtics. 

"Ask me July 1,” he reportedly said. 

Irving saying "not so fast" to a long-term future in Boston definitely puts a damper on the franchise's plans. The Celtics were ready to throw everything but Kyrie at New Orleans to work out a deal where they landed the Pelicans' own unhappy star Anthony Davis. However, it looks like the Celtics were building on a foundation that's nowhere near as steady as they thought.

As for where Irving might land, there have been reports that he wants to rejoin his old Cavaliers teammate on the West Coast. In a Bleacher Report article, an unnamed Celtics source said that Irving might team up with LeBron on the Lakers, a sudden hotspot for NBA A-listers seeking a trade

JR Smith commented on Instagram that he thinks Kyrie will land with the Knicks now that they've freed up some of that Kristaps money. 

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