Despite the blowback he's received for his ESPN interview, Odell Beckham Jr. isn't backing away from his comments. 

Though he's already been fined for his negative talk about his teammates, OBJ doubled down on it and explained where he was coming from in a new episode of his series I AM MORE: OBJ

“Bro, I’m sorry that I’m not gonna apologize from my heart,” Beckham began the episode. “I don’t feel like you deserve an apology for one, and I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to apologize for how I feel.”

Beckham admitted that he could have gone about saying how he felt in a different way but refused to apologize for feeling the way that he felt. 

"Look, the things that I said, could they have been approached a better or different way? Could it have been handled a different way?" he said. “I think when you look back on anything and there’s things that are conflicting or things that get mixed up, you always look back and be like it could have been handled a different way." 

Beckham said that his negativity about the direction of the 1-5 Giants was born from his desire to win and wanting his whole team to try as hard as they can. 

“I know it may have came off however it came off, but my message was to be nothing more than encouraging, everybody to be their very best, to pick it up even more than you have, to dedicate and sacrifice more than you ever have," he said. 

The wide receiver added that he feels particularly discouraged because he knows how hard he worked to make it back to the field after a season-ending injury. Beckham was ruled out for the season last year after fracturing his ankle in an October game against the Los Angeles Chargers. He underwent surgery on the fracture and says he spent the offseason working hard to get back to the field. 

“Like I really went hard this offseason to repair myself—mind body and soul—and put me back together, to be able to come here and do what? Do the same thing that I was just doing?" he said. “I worked way too hard to just even be able to play football again. I’m not gonna be OK with being mediocre. I’m not gonna be OK with being average.”

Watch his comments above.