Less than a week ago, Kyrie Irving said that he thinks getting out of Cleveland "was the best thing I've done, honestly" and while he was talking about a move that was related to what he does on the court, while also denying it had to do with any one guy, it turns out that he's also just officially cut the strings from the entire area by finally selling his local mansion.

That's the good news (for him that is). The bad news is that he got a lot less than what he was asking for, and also took an overall loss because apparently owning Kyrie Irving's old home wasn't a selling point for incoming rich people.

According to Realtor.com, who ran it under the harsh title "Kyrie Irving Gets Dunked On! NBA Star Sells Ohio Home for a Loss" the Celtics' star was looking to walk away with $1.7 million when he put it on the market following his trade to Boston last fall. After months and months of no interest, Irving and Co. dropped the price to $1.17 million in July. Shortly after that point Realtor.com said he got "posterized" by having to settle for an early October bid of $755,000.

Damn, it'll take almost four games to make up that difference.

Additionally they added that Irving took a loss on the home by selling it for less than the $800,000 he paid to ex-teammate Boobie Gibson in 2014 to get it. Just about every seller between 2008-10 knows the feeling.

Anyway, let this be the last L that Kyrie takes in Cleveland for the next...however long they suck for, because that Cavs team sure as hell ain't kicking Boston out of the playoffs for the third straight year. Chalk the not-at-all-consequential $45k difference up to the price of doing business.